In early March, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts identified ways the Board could immediately contribute to the capacity of our state’s healthcare system to safely respond to COVID-19. At that time, the Board began issuing expedited emergency license for COVID-19 care and temporarily waiving enforcement of certain regulations and fees to facilitate the state’s response to the pandemic. The Board has continued many of the COVID-19 response efforts it began in March, and additional provisions have been added by executive order and statute since that time.

These continuing COVID-19 related measures and implementation of provisions added to Kansas law by House Bill 2016 include:

  1. A free temporary emergency license process for qualified healthcare providers, including qualified providers licensed in other states, Kansas exempt licensees, recently lapsed Kansas licensees, those who have had licensing exams cancelled due to the pandemic, or who are temporarily unable to pay license fee due to the pandemic.
  2. A license waiver process implementing expanded options for qualified out of state providers to practice telemedicine in Kansas to assist the state’s pandemic response efforts. This process is well suited for those out of state providers who seek to practice in Kansas by means of telemedicine only.
  3. Extension of continuing education deadlines and in-person requirement waiver.
  4. Extension of license expiration and renewal deadlines.
  5. Board guidance statements relating to licensees' practice during the emergency declaration period.
  6. A Kansas compliance confirmation process implementing the temporary authority permitted in Senate Bill 14 allowing qualified health care providers licensed in another state to temporarily practice in Kansas. Please note that using this process does not confer a valid Kansas license to practice any profession. The Board strongly recommends that any out of state provider who wishes to practice without limitation in Kansas utilize the temporary license process if you qualify, or apply for a permanent license by endorsement, both of which confer a valid Kansas license.
The Board will continuously assess the situation as it develops.

All information described above is also contained in the full KSBHA COVID19 emergency period guidance memo. Please note that this memo contains important updates that were not contained in the Board’s March 20th memo.


COVID-19 information and resources:

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