L.R.T. Licensure Types/Designations

Active * An active license is issued to a person practicing as a radiologic technologist. Licensees must maintain and submit evidence of satisfactory completion of a program of continuing education. Each active license may be renewed annually.
Temporary license KSA 65-7305 A temporary license is issued to a person making application for a license, who meets the required qualifications for a license and who pays to the board the temporary license fee. A temporary license shall authorize the licensee to practice within the limits of the temporary license until the active license is issued, the active license is denied by the board  or 180 days following the date of issue.
Military KSA 48-3402 A military license is issued to a person who is in the military service (active duty in the army national guard, coast guard or any branch of the military reserves of the United States) and for six months following release therefrom. No licensee shall be required to pay a renewal fee, submit a renewal application, obtain continuing education or meet other conditions to maintain a license while such licensee is in the military service. No military license shall expire, lapse or be canceled, revoked or suspended because of the failure to timely renew such license, including the failure to meet any conditions prerequisite to renewal, during the period of military service. A licensee who desires to engage in or practice an occupation or profession in Kansas after their release from military service shall submit, within 6 months after such release, but not later than 2 weeks after engaging in or practicing such occupation or profession in Kansas after such release, the fee required by law for the current license period with a completed application. The license of a licensee who fails to complete the appropriate forms may be canceled, revoked or suspended in accordance with the applicable law. A licensee who is required by law to obtain continuing education as a condition prerequisite to renewal of a license shall be given a one-year period of time for fulfillment of such continuing education requirement, such period of time to commence on the date the licensee submits the fee and completed forms.

* statutes do not specifically use the term "Active"