Compliance & Regulation: Litigation

Department Functions:

The Litigation division of the Compliance and Regulation Department is responsible for ensuing disciplinary actions against violating licensees at the directives provided by the Disciplinary Panel.  The attorneys file motions, petitions, consent orders, and direct their cases through the appropriate legal channels.  Many actions are mutually agreed upon. These can be either formal or informal in nature. A consent order is an example of formal action whereas a professional development plan is an example of informal action.  Unfortunately, some matters require formal proceedings. In this situation, a presiding officer will be appointed to act as the ‘judge’ and hear both sides of an issue: The licensee’s side (respondent) and KSBHA’s side (petitioner).  The presiding officer can be either a KSBHA Board member, or a presiding officer from the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

Department Staff