patient record Storage/Location information

NOTE: This is not a complete list. Please call the Board at 785-296-4502 if you have questions about other records custodians.

  1. Adnan Al-Ashkar, MD (a.k.a. Adnan Ashkar)
  2. Shane Alexander, DO
  3. Dr. Diana L. Carver
  4. Dr. Robert L. Eyster, MD
  5. Shalaundra Gray, MD
  6. Dr. Kurt Roberts Guindon
  7. Stanley Haag, MD
  8. Barry Kimberly, MD
  9. Dr. Peter Lee
  10. Dr. Stephen D. Malley, MD
  11. Menninger Clinic
  12. Pain Management Center
  13. Lane Peterson, DO
  14. Dr. James W. Rider
  15. Michael Schuster, MD
  16. Dr. Gary Dean Slavens
  17. George Tiller, MD
  18. John Toth, MD
  19. Dr. Michael M. Vesali
  20. Dr. Giselle Wildman