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We’ve received several recent reports of licensees receiving fraudulent letters that purport to be from the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts and/or the U.S. Department of Justice, which state that the licensee’s Kansas license has been suspended due to alleged illegal drug trafficking. Here are two examples (Letter 1) (Letter 2) of fraudulent letters recently received by Kansas licensees via facsimile. It appears that these letters may be being used as a prelude to a fraudulent phone call, in which the caller claims to be a Board staff member and attempts to extract payment for a fine over the phone in order to avoid cancellation of the license. Unfortunately, this has happened in other states as well.

If you receive such a letter and have any questions or concerns about its authenticity, please call our complaint coordinator directly at (785) 296-1788.

Please be aware that Kansas Board of Healing Arts staff will never call you seeking payment/bank information of any kind over the phone. If you receive an unusual phone call purporting to be from the Board that seems suspicious in any manner please call our complaint coordinator directly at (785) 296-1788.

The FBI has recently listed four best practices for professional licensees to avoid becoming a victim of these schemes:

  • Use official websites and official phone number to independently verify the authenticity of communications from alleged law enforcement or medical board officials.
  • Independently contact those boards or law enforcement agencies to confirm the identity of the person(s) contacting the provider.
  • Do not provide personal identifying information (Social Security Number, date of birth, or financial information) in response to suspicious emails, phone calls, or letters and do not provide professional information (medical license number, NPI number, of DEA license number).
  • Be wary of any request for money or other forms of payment regarding supposed criminal investigations by alleged law enforcement agencies or regulatory entities.

Feel free to contact us directly through any of the contact methods contained on this website if you have any questions.

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Notice - Permanent Telemedicine Waiver

To apply for a permanent telemedicine waiver click here. Email the completed form to KSBHA_Licensing@ks.gov. The permanent telemedicine waiver is available for all healthcare professions regulated by the KSBHA. Those who hold a telemedicine waiver in Kansas will be subject to all the rules and regulations pertaining to the practice of the licensed profession in this state and will be considered a licensee for the purposes of the applicable professional practice act.


The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, created in 1957, is the licensing and regulatory Board for many health care providers in Kansas. The Board is comprised of 15 members including 5 Medical Doctors (M.D.), 3 Osteopathic Doctors (D.O.), 3 Chiropractic Doctors (D.C.), 1 Podiatric Doctor (D.P.M.), and 3 public members. Professional Councils were established by statute for each of the allied health care professions licensed and regulated by this agency to advise the Board in carrying out the provisions of their practice acts.

Mission Statement: Safeguard the public through licensure, education and discipline of those who practice the healing arts in Kansas.

Agency Philosophy: Safeguarding the public is the Board's primary responsibility. The Board and its staff approach their responsibilities in a balanced and efficient manner so regulation can be performed aggressively, but fairly for the benefit of every patron of the State of Kansas.

We license and regulate 16 different health care professions.

Those health care professions include:

We also approve the business name and certify the professional licenses for the formation of certain professional corporations. We do not regulate institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes, or other medical professionals such as nurses or optometrists.

Kansas is a member of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. For information regarding the IMLC, please visit their website at https://www.imlcc.org