Department Functions:

The Licensing Department is responsible for licensing and registering KSBHA’s healthcare professionals. The Licensing Administrator and her staff perform all license processing, maintenance, and verifications for more than 28,000+ licensees. Once all information for a license application is received, licensure takes, on the average, less than a week unless there is a ‘red flag’. Each profession has a specific renewal period during the calendar year. The renewal period lasts for 6 weeks and is followed by a month-long ‘late’ renewal period. If providers don’t renew within the 10 week renewal period, their license is cancelled. In order to practice again, they must go through the re-instatement process.

License Application Process

Overview of Licensing Process

Application Flowchart

  1. Receive application & supporting documentation.
  2. Analyst reviews and enters information into the database; identifies any missing information.
  3. If documentation is missing, letter is sent to applicant.
  4. If complete, Licensing Administrator performs a review and makes final determination if the file is complete, needs additional documentation, or contains ‘red flag’ information. Files with ‘red flags’, are forwarded to the Legal Department for review.
  5. Once application is complete and approved, analyst issues a certificate, permit, or license.
  6. Certificate or license is sent to applicant.
  7. Board reviews and approves list of new licenses.

Criminal History - Licensure Considerations

Criminal history is considered by the Board as part of the application process. There are no absolute bars to licensure; each applicant is considered on a case by case basis.

Factors the Board may consider when an applicant has criminal history may include the following:

  1. The time elapsed since the misconduct.
  2. The seriousness of the misconduct.
  3. Applicant's character and maturity at the time of the misconduct.
  4. Applicant's understanding of the wrongness of the conduct.
  5. Applicant's conduct since misconduct.
  6. Applicant's rehabilitation.
  7. Applicant's present moral fitness.
  8. Applicant's professional competency.

After considering the criminal history as described above, the Board may grant the license, deny the license, or grant the license with limitations or conditions.

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