occupational therapist (O.T.)

Occupational Therapy:

"The therapeutic use of purposeful and meaningful occupations (goal-directed activities) to evaluate and treat, pursuant to the referral, supervision, order or direction of a physician, a licensed podiatrist, a licensed dentist, a licensed physician assistant, or a licensed advanced practice registered nurse working pursuant to the order or direction of a person licensed to practice medicine and surgery, a licensed chiropractor, or a licensed optometrist, individuals who have a disease or disorder, impairment, activity limitation or participation restriction that interferes with their ability to function independently in daily life roles and to promote health and wellness. Occupational therapy intervention may include:(1) Remediation or restoration of performance abilities that are limited due to impairment in biological, physiological, psychological or neurological cognitive processes; (2) adaptation of tasks, process, or the environment or the teaching of compensatory techniques in order to enhance performance; (3) disability prevention methods and techniques that facilitate the development or safe application of performance skills; and (4) health promotion strategies and practices that enhance performance abilities." K.S.A. 65-5402(b)

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