The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts regulates the following professions: doctors of medicine and surgery, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapist, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist, occupational therapist assistants, respiratory therapist, physician assistants, naturopaths, athletic trainers, radiological technologist and contact lens distributors.

All state licenses, permits or registrations are verified directly with the licensing board of that state. No direct reciprocity is recognized for any of the professions regulated by the Board.

Licenses for all professions regulated by the Board are renewable annually with the exception of the institutional licenses and training or temporary permits.

MD, DO, DPM, DC - The professional school is required to complete the Board’s form with the program's seal or notary’s seal affixed. In addition, the official transcripts and notarized copy of the diploma must be provided. All postgraduate training is verified by one of two means: 1) the Board’s form can be completed by the residency director with the program’s seal or notary's seal affixed or 2) if the applicant is unable to provide the form, a notarized copy of the certificate indicating satisfactory completion of training can be provided.

ND, PT, PTA, RT, AT, OT, OTA, LRT and PA - Official transcripts are required and the professional school is required to complete a section of the application with the program’s seal or notary's seal affixed.

The Board of Healing Arts recommends that credentialing organizations do their own verification checks on applicants for all professions. It is important for credentialing organizations to know that an applicant can request an appearance before the Board to waive requirements.

If you are searching for a specific Board action which does not appear, please make your request by email to, or by fax at (785) 368-7102, or by U.S. mail to: Open Records Request, Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, 800 SW Jackson, Lower Level- Suite A, Topeka, KS 66612.

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