Request for licensure lists / Queries / County Statistics


In summary, a request for licensure lists, queries or county statistics must be made in accordance with the following guidelines:

Electronic Mail ($45.00)

Options of data fields available include: name (first and last), mailing address, business address, mailing city, business city, mailing state, business state, mailing zip code, business zip code, mailing county, business county, mailing phone number, business phone number, year of birth, license number, degree date, original license date, license expiration date, disciplinary action (Y/N), specialty (MD and DO only), e-mail address and license type/license status/military designation which is combined into one field per record. The file will be returned by secure e-mail in an Excel spreadsheet format.

***On February 3, 2014, our agency converted to a new electronic database and licensing system. At present, our ability to provide public data in the manner requestors are familiar with has changed slightly. Processing time will be 3-5 business days. We appreciate your patience during this transitional period. Also, some of the categories of data we provide have changed. We want requestors to be aware of what data will be provided when certain categories of information are requested. Please see the category definitions/explanations below. We regret any inconvenience that may be caused during this transition period.

Please direct all additional questions regarding licensure lists, queries and county statistics to:

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts
Attn: Data Requests
800 SW Jackson,
Lower Level-Suite A
Topeka, KS 66612
Fax: (785) 368-7102

NOTE: You may submit both the Query Order Form and Credit / Debit Card Authorization Form by e-mail attachment or by fax: (785) 368-7102; Attention: Webmaster.


Email addresses:  Licensees have the option of providing an email address to the agency, but it is not required.  Email addresses will be disclosed unless the licensee has requested otherwise.

Mailing address, county and phone number:  This is the address, county and phone number that licensees provide for official correspondence with the agency. 

Practice/Business address, county and phone number:  Licensees may provide multiple practice/business addresses, counties and phone numbers to the agency. Please be aware that a practice/business address, county and phone may not necessarily be an address where the licensee regularly receives mail/calls. If you choose this option, the first practice/business address, (county and phone) the licensee has given us will be provided.

License/Profession:  the profession for which the licensee is licensed (MD, DO, DC, PA, etc.). This information will be automatically provided

Status: the current designation of the licensee’s license  (active, exempt, inactive, military, cancelled, etc.)

License type, License Status and Military:  these categories which we previously provided as separate columns will now be combined into one column.