Physical Therapist Assistant (P.T.A.)

Physical Therapist Assistant:

"A person who is certified pursuant to article 29 of chapter 65 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, and who works under the direction of a physical therapist, and who assists the physical therapist in selected components of physical therapy intervention. Any person who successfully meets the requirements of K.S.A. 65-2906, and amendments thereto, shall be known and designated as a physical therapist assistant, and may designate or describe oneself as a physical therapist assistant, certified physical therapist assistant, abbreviations thereof, or words similar thereto or use of the designated letters P.T.A., C.P.T.A. or P.T. Asst. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit physical therapist assistants certified under K.S.A. 2011 Supp. 65-2906 and 65-2909, and amendments thereto, from listing or using in conjunction with their name any letters, words, abbreviations or other insignia to designate any educational degrees, certifications or credentials which such physical therapist assistant has earned." K.S.A. 65-2901(c)

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