Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.)


"A system of health care practiced by naturopathic doctors for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human health conditions, injuries and diseases, that uses education, natural medicines and therapies to support and stimulate the individual's intrinsic self-healing processes, and includes prescribing, recommending or administering:

  1. Food, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, whole gland thyroid, botanicals, homeopathic preparations, nonprescription drugs, plant substances that are not designated as prescription drugs or controlled substances, topical drugs as defined in subsection (i) of this section, and amendments thereto;"
  2. "health care counseling, nutritional counseling and dietary therapy, naturopathic physical applications, barrier contraceptive devices;
  3. "substances on the naturopathic formulary which are authorized for intramuscular or intravenous administration pursuant to a written protocol entered into with a physician who has entered into a written protocol with a naturopathic doctor licensed under this act;"
  4. "noninvasive physical examinations, venipuncture to obtain blood for clinical laboratory tests and oroficial examinations, excluding endoscopies;"
  5. "minor office procedures; and"
  6. "naturopathic acupuncture. A naturopathic doctor may not perform surgery, obstetrics, administer ionizing radiation, or prescribe, dispense or administer any controlled substances as defined in K.S.A. 65-4101, and amendments thereto, or any prescription-only drugs except those listed on the naturopathic formulary adopted by the board pursuant to this act." K.S.A. 65-7202(b)

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