FAQ - AT Licensing

Question: How do I become a licensed Athletic Trainer in Kansas?

Answer: You may apply online or by paper for initial licensure in Kansas. You will be required to complete forms, answer attestation questions, submit information, and pay the fee(s). After you submit your initial application, and payment has processed, a licensing analyst will be assigned to your application. The analyst will track your documents as they arrive in our office, and work with you to request any additional information needed to process your application. Once your application is complete, it will be sent for a final review. Once your application is approved, you will be issued your license, our agency webpage will be updated, and a wall certificate will be mailed.

Question: What types of licenses are there for Athletic Trainers in Kansas?

Answer: Active, Inactive, and a Temporary Permit.

Question: What are the fees for an AT initial application?

Answer: $80 for the initial application; $3 for National Practitioner Data Bank (“NPDB”).

Question: How do I pay the fees?

Answer: We accept checks, money orders, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. To pay with your debit or credit card, please use the Credit/Debit Card Payment Authorization Form.

Question: How long does the application process take?

Answer: The application process takes on average four to eight weeks; however, each application is different. Please keep in mind that information required for licensure comes from the applicant and various outside organizations. This takes time. Therefore, it is important to submit your application early!

Question: Can I apply for a temporary permit?

Answer: An applicant who meets all the requirements for licensure, except the BOC examination, is eligible for a temporary permit. Only one temporary permit may be issued to a person and expires six months after the date of issuance. To receive a temporary permit, you must apply for one, and there is an additional $25 nonrefundable fee.

Question: When do I receive my wallet card?

Answer: Wallet cards are emailed after the license has been issued.

Question: When does my license expire?

Answer: All Athletic Trainer licenses expire on December 31; the license must be renewed annually.

Question: When do I renew my license?

Answer: The renewal period for Athletic Trainers begins October 15 and ends December 31 each calendar year.

Question: How do I renew my license?

Answer: You may renew online, or by paper (on request). We strongly encourage all renewals to be completed online. Log in to our renewal site to fill out and submit your renewal. Renewal will be available annually on our website, from October 15 – November 30 (and December 1 – December 31 for late renewals).

Question: How do I renew online?

Answer: To renew online you will need to have available your Kansas Board of Healing Arts license number, birth date, last 4 numbers of your social security number, name, license number of all health care professionals that supervise you (if required), continuing education CEU hours (if required) and payment information. Follow this link to our renewal site. These forms/links will be available annually beginning October 15 - November 30 (and December 1, through December 31 for late renewals) of each year.

Question: What are the renewal fees?

Answer: Online: $67; Late Online: $72; Paper: $70; Late Paper: $75.

Question: I did not renew by the deadline of November 30. What do I do?

Answer: We accept online and paper renewals until December 31. You will be assessed a late fee.

Question: I did not renew by December 31. What happens?

Answer: On January 1, your license status is Cancelled – Failure to Renew. You cannot practice in Kansas as an Athletic Trainer, until you reinstate your license to Active. Practicing after your license is cancelled may subject you to disciplinary action.

Question: My license status is Cancelled – Failure to Renew. How do I reinstate my license?

Answer: You will need to complete the reinstatement application and pay the associated reinstatement fee(s). You will be required to file an updated practice protocol and submit evidence of completion of continuing education. Depending on the circumstances, reinstatement may require additional testing, training, or education as the board deems necessary.

Question: How do I change my license type?

Answer: To change your license type at the time of renewal, simply change the license status type on the renewal form. If you are wanting to change your license type outside of the renewal period, complete the Designation/Type Change Form. Documentation of continuing education hours and additional fees may be required, depending on the license type.

Question: Am I required to have professional liability insurance (malpractice insurance)?

Answer: No.

Question: I recently moved. How do I change my address with the Board?

Answer: : Complete the Address Change Form and email it to KSBHA_Licensing@ks.gov. You may also mail it to our office.

Question: I changed my name. How do I change my name with the Board?

Answer: : Complete the Change of Name Form and email it to KSBHA_Licensing@ks.gov. You may also mail it to our office. To obtain a certificate with your new name, complete the Request for Additional Certificates Form, and pay the $15 fee.