2001 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ABANISHE, Ezekiel O., DO Kansas City, MO #05-18204 Dismissed. 07-10-01
ALEXANDER, Shane, DO Kingman, KS #05-25295 Grant Retroactive Reinstatement. 12-11-01
BAIR, Glenn O, MD Topeka, KS #04-12229 Limitation 08-20-01
BAULER, George J, DO Wichita, KS #05-26690 Revocation 07-09-01
BELL, Harold R, DC Carl Junction, MO #01-04305 Suspension, Limitation 04-28-01
BLECHA, Timothy D, MD Superior, NE #04-28004 Revocation 08-24-01
BRUNO, Angel L, MD Lawton, OK #04-26355 Public Censure, Limitation 04-30-01
BRYNIARSKI, Mark, MD Kansas City, KS #94-05082 Limitation 08-21-01
BYERS, Martha S, MD Leawood, KS #04-18704 Limitation 08-20-01
CARNAHAN, Robert L, MD Lawrence, KS #04-14700 Censure 10-22-01
CHARLES, Waldeck, MD     Withdrawal. 12-14-01
COUTS, Darren C., AT Hays, KS #24-00314 Second Temporary Registration. 05-04-01
CULP, Louis M, MD Kansas City, KS #04-10453 Revocation 06-06-01
CULP, Louis M, MD Kansas City, KS #04-10453 Emergency Suspension. 04-16-01
CULP, Louis M, MD Kansas City, KS #04-10453 Suspension 04-05-01
DANIELS, Herbert A, MD Kansas City, KS #04-21291 Suspension 12-11-01
DAVIS, Harris F, PA Meade, KS  #15-00333 Limitation 04-30-01
DREWRY, Marcia A, DO Kiowa, KS #05-25400 Surrender 12-10-01
EISENBEIS, Charles F, MD Makato, MN #04-12915 Censure 12-12-01
GILBERT, Scott E, MD Tulsa, OK #04-22638 Revocation 09-06-01
GLOVER, Richard M, MD Newton, KS #04-22805 Limitation and Costs 07-09-01
HAGGARD, Kent Louis, MD North Kansas City, MO #04-25928 Retroactive Reinstatement. 11-01-01
HIGBEE, Lesli (student RT)) Kansas City, KS   Monitoring. 12-14-01
HIGHTOWER, David Paul, MD Boise, ID #04-26278 Retroactive Reinstatement. 11-07-01
JANES, Donald R., MD Garnett, KS #04-12655 Limitation and Costs 08-28-01
JONES, Terry G, MD Winfield, KS #04-22665 Fine 04-30-01
KAPLAN, Leonard M., MD Trumbull, CT   Withdrawal. 12-12-01
KEMP, David B., MD Emporia, KS #04-29504 Reconsideration Granted, License Granted with Monitoring and Conditions. 11-21-01
KEMP, David B., MD Emporia, KS #04-29504 Application Denied. 08-27-01
KISNER, Nancy L, RT Pratt, KS #16-01064 Suspension 12-13-01
LAHUE, Robert C, DO Stilwell, KS #05-16563 Costs. 12-21-01
LAHUE, Robert C, DO Stilwell, KS #05-16563 Revocation 11-02-01
LAHUE, Ronald H, DO Leawood, KS #05-20123 Revocation 11-02-01
LESTER, John B, MD Shawnee Mission, KS #04-14727 Reinstatement Denied 08-18-01
MCCOWN, Robert B, MD Wichita, KS  #04-21782 Termination of Stipulation 07-03-01
MCINTYRE, Robert F, MD Wichita, KS  #94-05234 Limitation 04-30-01
MEREDITH, George, MD Great Bend, KS #04-24291 Revocation. 12-11-01
MEREDITH, George, MD Great Bend, KS #04-24291 Suspension. 06-11-01
MOORE, Robert F., MD Caney, KS #04-11076 Waiver of Reinstatememt Denied. 02-20-01
MORGAN, Michael Christopher, MD Kansas City, MO #04-27971 Retroactive Issue of License Denied. 07-11-01
MORRIS, Ramona K, MD Kingman, KS #04-25613 Revocation 08-13-01
MOSES, Bruce D, Jr, MD Ulysses, KS #04-29034 Surrender 11-06-01
NEUHAUS, Ann K, MD Lawrence, KS #04-21596 Limitation 08-18-01
NIELSON, Michael Hans, MD Independence, MO #04-14225 Grant Application for Reinstatement With Limitation 07-24-01
O'DONNELL, Jarrod, PTA Clinton, MO #14-01117 Limitation 02-12-01
PROCTOR, Robert W, MD El Dorado, KS #04-13181 Private Censure, Limitation 08-20-01
RAJANNA, Krishna, MD Kansas City, MO #04-15624 Fine 07-03-01
RICKE, Gregory A, MD Fort Collins, CO #04-23797 Default. Revocation. 11-26-01
ROLLAND, Steven B, DC Kansas City, MO   Denial of Application 09-04-01
ROSENBERG, Stanton, MD Shawnee Mission, KS #04-10930 Stipulations/Limitations Terminated. 12-10-01
SALERNO, Gino A., PA Wichita, KS #15-00799 Temporary License Extended. 07-03-01
SALERNO, Gino A., PA Wichita, KS #15-00799 Temporary License Extended. 02-20-01
SCHLOSSMAN, David, DC Overland Park, KS #01-04344 Extension to Previous Action 08-27-01
SCHROFF, Gregory P, MD Othello, WA #04-27589 Termination of Stipulation 02-20-01
TURKOWSKI, Walter J, MD Plainview, TX #04-24204 Censure 10-22-01
VERNON, Anita G, RT Emporia, KS #16-01645 Censure, Limitation 10-23-01
WALL, Wendell A, MD Wahpeton, ND #04-24211 Suspension, Limitation 02-12-01
WEBB, James R, Jr, DO Wichita, KS #05-27613 Public Censure 04-30-01
WENDLER, Kristopher, MD Kansas City, KS #04-21487 Reinstatement Denied 12-14-01
WHITE, Douglas K, MD Hays, KS  #04-28582 Termination of Stipulation 12-10-01
WOOFTER, Carl L., PA Colby #15-00765 Extend Temporary Permit. 05-02-01
WU, John C., MD Oakbrook, IL #04-29422 Retroactive Postgrad Permit Granted. 05-04-01