2024 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
AKINYODE, Akinsola [PT] Gainesville, FL 11-07497 Journal Entry Granting License 01-08-2024
ANTONATOS, Miguel [MD] Chicago, IL 04-44257 Final Order 03-27-2024
BOUMAN, Jerry C. [DO] Parson, KS 05-24097 Journal Entry of Satisfaction 02-08-2024
HOWARD, Desztini [MD] Kansas City, MO   Journal Entry Reflecting Withdrawal of Application 03-11-2024
LIOU, Wayne W. [MD] Eden Prairie, MN 04-31908 Final Order 03-25-2024
KUHLMAN, Alex J. [PT] Pittsburg, KS 11-05154 Journal Entry Granting Joint Motion to Lift Suspension and for Dismissal 03-21-2024
MACK, William J. [MD] Leawood, KS 04-35486 Final Order 01-30-2024
O'ROURKE, Sean P. [MD] Lakeland, FL 04-41878 Final Order 01-24-2024
PINAR Tonguc [MD] St. Louis, MO 04-48854 Final Order 01-12-2024
RICHARDSON, Billy D. [MD] Wichita, KS 04-22073 Final Order Granting Motion to Terminate Consent Order 03-11-2024
ROSAS, David [DC] Kansas City, MO 01-06311 Final Order Granting License 03-11-2024
RYDER, Cassady L. [LRT] Kansas City, KS 22-05386 Journal Entry Granting Motion to Terminate Consent Order 03-11-2024
SMITH, Whitaker [MD] Seymour, TN 04-42730 Final Order 04-10-2024
SPOON, Danny R. [LAc] Wichita, KS 23-00055 Journal Entry Reflecting Withdrawal of Application 03-11-2024