2003 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ALBERT, Steven E., DO Ft. Riley, KS #05-24773. Limitations Modified. 02-24-03
AYYASH, Maher Omar, MD Wexford, PA #04-30220 Education Complete, License Granted. 07-14-03
AYYASH, Maher Omar, MD Wexford, PA #04-30220 License Application Granted with Education. 04-30-03
BAKER, Ray D., MD Topeka, KS #04-13813 Limitation. 08-25-03
BEECH, Randall R, MD Wichita, KS #04-19302 Limitations Terminated. 10-22-03
BLAHA, Julie L., RT Salina, KS #16-00292 Surrender. 04-29-03
BLOCK, Jerome E., MD Tulsa, OK #04-20630 Education, Monitoring, Costs. 06-09-03
BORSE, Gauri Dilip, PT Overland Park, KS   Application Denied. 02-21-03
BRADY, Michael E., DC Wichita, KS #01-03884 Censure & Fine. 08-25-03
BROWN, Hilary Page, OT Lawrence, KS #17-01331 Reinstatement, Fine. 04-24-03
BUTLER, Judith A., MD Blytheville, AR #04-27372 60-Day Suspension. 06-09-03
CANCELAS, Jose A., MD Cincinnati, OH 04-30477 Eligible for Licensure. 12-11-03
CHI, Luqi, RT Prairie Village, KS   License Granted. 05-06-03
CHRISTEN, Linda M., PTA St. Mary's, KS #14-01718 Certificate Granted. 11-13-03
CURIEL, Alejandro, MD Albia, IA #04-31515 Postgraduate Permit Granted. 12-17-03
DELAROSA, William B., Jr, PT Ulysses, KS   Application Denied. 09-11-03
DOBBIE, Alison Elizabeth, MD Kansas City, Kansas #04-30059 License Granted. 03-11-03
DORMAN, Lawrence Edward, DO Independence, MO #05-19464 Withdrawal of Application Granted. 02-24-03
DROSTE, Charles J., DC Lenexa, KS 01-04859 License Granted by Endorsement. 10-21-03
EASTMAN, Lisa L., DC Abilene, KS #01-04381 Cancellation. 07-14-03
ELASHKAR, Sam, DC Westwood, KS #01-25580 Costs. 02-19-03
FEUERBACHER, William P., DC Wathena, KS #01-03094 Withdrawn. 07-31-03
FIESER, Merle J., MD Great Bend, KS #04-18324 Censure, Fine. 02-15-03
FILARDI, Tanya Zulema, MD Lenexa, KS #04-31618 Reinstatement. 08-28-03
FOLDA, Richard D., PTA Augusta, KS #14-00984 Censure, Fine. 08-25-03
FORREST, Erica, L, RT Kansas City, MO #16-02622 Reinstatement 02-25-03
FRYE, Douglas D., MD Topeka, KS #04-22923 Petition Denied. 02-19-03
GILLUM, Michelle J., PT Wichita, KS #11-01094 Monitoring. 04-30-03
GOLDFINE, Brian D., MD Overland Park, KS   Application Denied 04-26-03
HAUPT, Stephanie Ann, MD Kansas City, MO #04-29727 Postgraduate Permit Extended. 01-02-03
HAWKINS, Sherman D, RT Wichita, KS #16-00441 Limitations. 08-25-03
HILST, Wilbur D., MD Oklahoma City, OK #04-12627 Reinstatement with Limitations. 06-16-03
HOUSSAYNI, Sarah, MD Wichita, KS #04-30264 Postgraudate Permit Extended. 05-02-03
ISKANDER, Hany M., MD Proctorville, OH #04-28776 Suspension Terminated. 06-13-03
JACOBS, Michael J.,ND Phillipsburg, KS #21-00008 Registration Granted with Fine. 12-08-03
JACOBS, Michael J.,ND Phillipsburg, KS #21-00008 Fine 12-08-03
JAMAL, Daryoush, MD Burbank, CA #04-30168 Partial Testing Accompdations Granted. 03-19-03
JAY, Scott D., MD Jefferson City, MO #04-27060 Limitations. Education. Monitoring. 02-20-03
JOHNSON, Scott Stanton, MD Wichita, KS #04-25800 Limitations. Monitoring. 06-10-03
JONES, Miles J., MD Lees Summit, MO #04-27863 Revocation. Costs. 10-20-03
KABBANI, Haidar, MD Kansas City, KS #94-05006 Reinstatement 06-20-03
KAVANAUGH, Shawn J., PT Shawnee, KS #11-01192 Monitoring. 04-29-03
KISNER, Nancy L, PA Pratt, KS #15-00948 License Granted with no Limitation or Restriction. 11-06-03
KOERNER, Elizabeth A., MD Clay Center, KS #04-31535 Postgraduate Permit Granted. 12-17-03
KRIER, Chad Allen, DC Wichita, KS #01-04594 Reinstatement Granted. 12-16-03
LAVETORIA, Donato C. Wichita, KS   Application Denied. 09-11-03
LESPERANCE-HOLMES, Bobbi Tenille, PA Wichita, KS #03-26197 Temporary License Extended. 12-09-03
LINDQUIST, Valdemar A.Y., MD Denver, CO #04-30490 License Granted. 02-16-03
LOUK, Ernest L., DPM Topeka, KS #12-00228 Suspension Terminated. 11-04-03
LOUK, Ernest L., DPM Topeka, KS #12-00228 Suspension. 06-13-03
MARTIN, Mary J., PT Shawnee, KS #11-00183 License Cancelled. 07-14-03
MARTIN, Michael E., DC Topeka, KS #01-04233 Limitation, Censure, Fine. 08-23-03
MCDONAGH, Desmond B., MD Schaumburg, IL #04-23392 Censure, Fine. 08-25-03
MCKINNEY, Janice C., RT Overland Park, KS #16-02992 Reporting Requirements. 12-09-03
MEDEIROS, Steven P., DO Wister, OK #05-30130 Monitoring, Mentoring, Conditions. 02-17-03
NOURELDIN, Wayel Aly M., MD Kansas City, KS #94-05461 Suspension. 09-04-03
ODINGA, Samwel O., OT Nevada, MO #17-01176 Revocation. 03-05-03
ODINGA, Samwel O., OT Nevada, MO #17-01176 Revocation. 02-15-03
PARSA, Bruce N., DO Leawood, KS #05-25075 Revocation. 08-23-03
PEABODY, Colette, DC Manhattan, KS #01-04622 Corporate Name Denied. 01-23-03
RAJPUT, Nusrat B.A., MD Rancho Santa Fe, CA #04-30293 Grant License By Endorsement. 07-07-03
REGNIER, Paul R., PT Topeka, KS #11-02266 Limitation. 08-25-03
REID, Robert W., MD Overland Park, KS #04-28041 Termination of Limitation. 10-18-03
ROBBIE, Ahmed, MD Joplin, MO #04-30096 Licensure Granted. 05-02-03
ROLLAND, Steven B., DC Kansas City, KS #01-04827 License Granted w/ Monitoring. 03-30-03
RUSNAK, Robert Francis, DC Topeka, KS #01-04412 Petition Dismissed. 10-01-03
SENA, John E., DC Merrian, KS #01-04346 Censure. 06-16-03
SCHOFIELD, Jeffory H., DC Monmouth, IL   Application Denied. 04-30-03
SHIELDS, Yolanda Maehugh, MD Louuisville, KY #04-28385 Reinstatement 03-18-03
SIMMONS, Michael R., MD Frontenac, KS #04-24193 Grant Withdrawl of Petition. 09-08-03
SKINNER, Trudy M., PT Colorado Springs, CO #11-01555 Reinstatement. 12-10-03
SOUTHIERE, George A. Jr., MD Cumberland, RI #04-28139 Limitations. 06-10-03
STAFFORD, Robert W., MD Hutchinson, KS #04-15788 Limitations Modified. 06-16-03
STEELE, Sandra K., DO Overland Park, KS #05-21248 Stay of Revocation Denied. 09-30-03
STEELE, Sandra K., DO Overland Park, KS #05-21248 Revocation. 07-02-03
STEELE, Sandra K., DO Overland Park, KS #05-21248 Emergency Suspension. 05-13-03
STERNBERG, David E., MD Leawood, KS #04-22290 Reinstatement Denied. 04-26-03
SWANSON, Eric, MD Leawood, KS #04-23027 Termination of Limitation. 10-18-03
TILLERY, Kristin L., OT Olathe, KS #17-00847 Fine, 10-20-03
TONG, Rolando Mercado, MD Chama, NM #04-19644 Application Withdrawn. 05-19-03
VERNON, Anita G., RT Emporia, KS #16-01645 7-day Suspension. 12-10-03
VERNON, Anita G., RT Emporia, KS #16-01645 Censure, Monitoring. 04-29-03
VISION DIRECT.com     Fine. 10-01-03
WADE, Edward J., MD Wichita, KS #04-20102 Limitation. 09-24-03
WEINTZ, Charles H., DO Salina, KS #94-06082 Postgraduate Permit Granted. 12-17-03
WILSON, Larry K., MD Denver, CO   Application Denied. 05-01-03
WINGER, Raymond E., MD Wichita, KS #04-17959 Approve Plan. 08-27-03
WINGER, Raymond E., MD Wichita, KS #04-17959 Limitation. 07-15-03
ZELLMER, Kari L., RT Hays, KS #16-02983 Monitoring. 12-08-03