1993 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
AFUANG-COLLADO, Maribelle, PT Manhattan, KS #11-01976 Temporary Permit Cancelled. 10-13-93
AGBAYANI, Winston, PT Scarborough Ontario M1v #01-01702 Registration Revoked. Costs Assessed. 09-12-93
ALBRIGHT, Jerold D., MD Hutchinson, KS #04-13725 Modification of Stipulation. 12-22-93
ALBRIGHT, Jerold D., MD Hutchinson, KS #04-13725 Limitations. Monitoring. 04-19-93
ALBRACHT, Anthony A., MD Leawood, KS #04-24475 Temporary Permit Extended. 03-17-93
ANDERSON, Wilton Rea, DO Bella Vista, AR #05-12993 License Cancelled. 10-15-93
BARTON, David Michael, PA Joplin, MO   Withdrawal Granted. 04-19-93
BETHEL, Chandler S., MD Wichita, KS #04-12458 Stipulation Terminated. 10-12-93
BIERI, Peter V., MD   #04-15026 Modification to Active Status with Monitoring. 12-17-93
BIERI, Peter V., MD   #04-15026 Reinstatement of Exempt License with Monitoring. 06-14-93
BOWEN, Fredrick C., DO Riverside, MO #05-23466 Reconsideration Denied. 10-15-93
BROOKS, Brian K., DC Independence, KS #01-03508 Suspension. 05-20-93
BROWN, Deborah Kay, PA Hutchinson, KS #9402199 Second Temp Permit Granted. 02-19-93
BUBENIK, Oldrich V., MD Council Grove, KS #04-21097 Retroactive Reinstatement. 08-11-93
CABILAN, Ferdinand Perez, Jr, PT Birmingham, MI #9250167 Third Temp Permit Granted. 02-17-93
CHEN, Ming-Chun, MD Ness City, KS #04-24551 Temp Permit With Limitations. 04-19-93
CHORUN, Leslie Ann, MD Kansas Ctiy, KS #04-24251 Reconsideration Denied. 10-14-93
CLARK, Robert T., MD Pratt, KS #04-17992 License Denied. 06-24-93
CURRY, Douglas, W., MD Wichita, KS #04-25069 Temporary License with Limitations. 12-17-93
DEW ITT, Peter E., MD McPherson, KS #04-24422 Retroactive Modification and Fine. 04-20-93
FISHER, Barbara J. Roecker, RT     Retroactive Modification Set Aside/Denied 08-11-93
FISHER, Barbara J. Roecker, RT     Retroactive Modification and Fine. 04-20-93
FISHER, William A., DC Carthage, MO #01-03190 Request for Modification Denied. 08-11-93
FISHER, William A., DC Carthage, MO #01-03190 Monitoring, Education and Limitations. 04-19-93
FORSHEE, Gary K, DC   #01-03208 Denial 08-11-93
FOSTER, Marcia L., MD Kansas City, KS #94-03276 Retroactive Reinstatement. 08-11-93
GASTON, Jerry G., DO Wichita, KS #05-23472 Retroactive Status Change. 10-15-93
GATSCHET, Timothy, MD Victoria, KS #04-21741 Surrender. 12-31-93
GRIESHABER, Steve L., Paso Robles, CA #16-01540 Registration Granted. 12-17-93
GROW, John R, MD Kiowa, KS #04-24807 License Granted with Limitations and Monitoring. 09-13-93
GUMUCIO-CARDENAS, MD Prairie Village, KS #04-13881 Status Change Granted. 10-15-93
GURBANI, Suresh Govindram, MD Lenexa, KS #94-03867 Extension of Temporary Permit Denied. 06-16-93
HAMLIN, Karen A., PA Wichita, KS #15-00221 Monitoring and Limitations 02-16-93
HUNT, Miriam K., RT Kansas City, MO #16-01543 Registration by Endorsement Granted. 12-17-93
HUTCHIN, Donald M., RT Kansas City, MO #9301059 Registration by Endorsement. 06-16-93
JAMES, Kurisummootil Sabast, MD Morgantown, NC #04-24809 Temporary Permit and License by Endorsement Granted. 09-07-93
JONES, Kelly A, OTA Kansas City, KS #18-00086 Extension Granted. 04-14-93
KANTOR, Julius M., MD Overland Park, KS #04-13475 Retroactive Modification. 06-24-93
KAVANAUGH, Daniel Martin, DPM Hudson, OH   Withdrawal 12-23-93
KETTERMAN, Herbert L., MD   #04-10891 Application Withdrawn, Case Dismissed. 06-21-93
KIRACOFE, George, MD Ozark, AL #04-24812 License Granted with Stipulations. 10-21-93
KIRACOFE, George, MD Ozark, AL #04-24812 Temporary Permit Granted. 09-15-93
KNARR, William M, DO Shawnee, KS #05-19184 Emergency Petition Dismissed, License Changed to Inactive 12-15-93
KNARR, William M, DO Shawnee, KS #05-19184 Temporary Suspension. 06-16-93
KUENZI, Donald E., MD Kansas City, MO #04-10485 Reconsideration Denied. 02-19-93
LACEY, Ronald L, MD Bolivar, MO #04-24503 Monitoring. 01-06-93
LADO, Robert A., DC Topeka, KS #01-03984 Emergency Petition Dismissed. 04-27-93
LASSETER, James A., MD Topeka, KS #04-18738 Voluntary Suspension. 03-02-93
LUALLIN, Scott R., MD Overland Park, KS #04-23383 Retroactive Reinstatement. 06-14-93
MACKAY, Calvin R., MD   #04-22482 Correction to Order 11-08-93
MACKAY, Calvin R., MD   #04-22482 License Cancelled. Proceedings Dismissed 09-21-93
MANLEY, Joseph W., MD Mission, KS #05-24979 Limitations. 12-14-93
MARCAYDA, Leo Nathaniel, PT Perry, OK #9250175 Third Temp Permit Denied. 02-17-93
MARTINAK, Joseph F., MD Omaha, NE #04-15753 Reconsideration Denied, License Cancelled. 10-15-93
MOESSNER, Samuel E., MD Manhattan, KS #04-22492 Withdrawal of Application Granted. 12-23-93
MORELAND, John L., DO Derby, KS #05-24979 Limitations. 12-14-93
MULLIES, David E, PA Lansing, KS #15-00409 2nd Temporary Permit Granted. 02-19-93
NUNEZ, Julian, MD Kansas City, KS #04-15668 Monitoring and Education Completed. Stipulations Terminated 08-11-93
ORTEGA, Juan B., MD   #04-22255 Cancellation, Dismissal 11-02-93
PICANCO, James M., PA Idaho Falls, ID #93-00144 2nd Temporary Permit Granted. 02-16-93
ROWLETT, Jack G., MD Paola, KS #04-10299 Terminate Limitations and Conditions. 02-16-93
RUHL, Mary R, PT Olathe, KS #11-01578 Retroactive Status Change. Fine. 08-11-93
SCHMIDT, Ladona Marie, MD Salina, KS #04-23959 Limitation Terminated. 12-02-93
SCOTT, George Edmond, MD Denver, CO #04-24525 License Granted With Monitoring. 03-05-93
SHERMAN, Robert P. Sr., MD Kansas City, MO #04-13122 Renewal Granted. Fine. 12-21-93
SHERMAN, Robert P. Sr., MD Kansas City, M #04-13122 Cancellation. 10-14-93
SMTIH, Jon S., DC Clayton, KS #01-03497 Modification. 10-14-93
SNYDER, Gary L, DPM Littleton, CO #12-00223 Renewal Granted. 12-20-93
SWEAZY, Scott M. MD Mission, KS #9247422 Retroactive Reinstatement. 06-14-93
TAWADROS, Hanan K., MD Wichita, KS #94-03409 Retroactive Temp Permit Granted. 04-20-93
TOWFIQ, Basim A., MD Grand Blanc, MI #04-24757 Waiver Granted. 06-14-93
UNDERWOOD, Randal P., RT Russell, KS #16-01499 Registration Granted with Fine. 07-02-93
WALTON, Robert L, Jr., MD Chicago, IL #04-15530 Reconsideration Granted. 12-20-93
WALTON, Robert L, Jr., MD Chicago, IL #04-15530 Cancellation. 11-08-93
WENDLER, Kristopher K. MD Kansas City, KS #04-21487 Restrictions Lifted. 06-28-93
WENDLER, Kristopher K. MD Kansas City, KS #04-21487 Dismissal. 05-20-93
WHARAN, David L., DC Wichita, KS #01-03715 Surrender, Revocation. 04-29-93
WHITE, Kermit E., MD Anderson , IN #04-20519 Restrictions, Limitations, amd Requirements Terminated. 08-11-93
WIEGMAN, Hugh A., MD Leawood, KS #04-14068 Retroactive Modification. 06-24-93
WORKMAN, Charles E., MD Mission, KS #04-12551 Cancellation. 11-08-93