2005 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
AHLQUIST, Demie, PA   #15-01055 Extension of Temporary Permit 09-02-05
ALLEN, Mark L., MD Chagrin Falls , OH #04-20229 Censure. 04-25-05
ANANDANADESAN, Velupillai, MD Hutchinson, KS #04-25315 Revocation. 07-15-05
ANANDANADESAN, Velupillai, MD Hutchinson, KS #04-25315 Suspension. 03-31-05
Arlington Contact Lens Service, Inc. Columbus, OH   Fine. 12-14-05
AYERS, Timothy C., RT Wichita, KS   Termination of Limitation 05-05-05
AYERS, Timothy C., RT Wichita, KS   Censure, Limitation. 02-21-05
BAKER, Marion H., MD Iola,KS #04-28549 Revocation. 05-04-05
BARKER, Elizabeth B, MD   #04-13448 Monitoring 12-12-05
BERGMAN, Shawn J., DC St Benedict, KS   Limitation. 12-12-05
BERRY, Jo Anne, PA Anthony, KS #15-01016 Limitations. 02-14-05
BORRA, Henry Michael, MD Silver City, NM #04-24115 Monitoring. 02-14-05
BORSE, Gauri Dilip, PT Overland Park, KS   Application Incomplete. 07-18-05
BRAY, E. D.,MD Agra, KS #04-12560 Reinstatement Denied. 02-22-05
BROCKENBROUGH, James A., MD Kansas City, MO   Application Denied. 10-31-05
CARNEY, Ivan G., DC Wichita, KS #01-03680 Reinstatement Denied. 05-18-05
CIBIS, Gerhard W., MD Kansas City, MO #04-17205 Censure. 04-25-05
COLES, Maxime Jean-Marie, MD Coffeyville, KS #04-31291 Grant Licensure by Endorsement. 05-05-05
CRAMER, Vincent L., RT Wichita, KS #16-03195 Requirements. Monitoring. 04-26-05
CULLUM, Daniel P., DC Sublette, KS #01-04122 Surrender. 08-16-05
DIAZ, John C., RT Lawrence, KS #16-02639 Revocation. 02-21-05
EDWARDS, Sandra J.,MD Overland Park, KS #04-22912 Suspension. 10-12-05
GARRETT, Patrick, DC Newton, KS #01-04819 Fine. 06-14-05
GARRETT, Patrick, DC Newton, KS #01-04819 Grant Status Change. 05-02-05
GERSTBERGER, Mark A., DO Ulysses, KS #05-26485 Consent Order Terminated. 07-15-05
GILLUM, Michelle J., PT Wichita, KS #11-01094 Censure. 04-25-05
GLOVER II, Richard M. , MD Newton, KS #04-22805 Termination of Limitation. 10-12-05
GROW, John R, MD Kiowa, KS #04-24807 Grant Withdrawl of Application for Reinstatement. 07-15-05
HASSAN, Jean-Michel, MD Liberal, KS #04-31410 Temporary Permit Extented. Licensure by Endorsement. 06-27-05
HECKES, Travis D., DC   #01-04921 Practice Monitoring Termination. 10-17-05
JACKSON, Chad E., RT Lecompton, KS #16-02960 Submit Proof of CE. 02-21-05
JAEGER, Jack Q., MD Rayville, LA #04-28323 Monitoring. 04-25-05
KELLOGG, Kimberly, RT Leawood, KS   Withdrawal of Application Granted. 07-14-05
KEMP, David B., MD Emporia, KS #04-29504 Censure, Limitation. 12-14-05
KHADIM, Sabiha, MD Sebring, FL #04-31168 Education. 02-14-05
KIMMELL, Richard A., MD Lexington, MO #04-20924 Fine. 04-25-05
KREIG, David E., DO Merriam, KS   Application Denied. 07-15-05
KUHN, Steven P., DC Mesa, AZ #01-04488 Education and Audits Completed. 12-15-05
LADD, Ella, DC Overland Park, KS #01-04202 Revocation Lifted, Limitation. 07-12-05
LONG, Carolyn K., PTA Hill City, KS #14-00061 Censure. Fine. 06-14-05
MARTIN, Michael Edward, DC Topeka, KS #01-04233 Censure, Limitation. 10-10-05
MARTIN, Michael Edward, DC Kansas City, MO #01-04233 Monitoring Terminated. 02-17-05
NIELSON, Michael Hans, MD Olathe, KS #04-14225 Limitations Terminated. 05-03-05
OLSON, Eileen J., RT Phillipsburg, KS #16-02600 Censure, Fine. 08-15-05
OTTO, David R., MD Wichita, KS #04-27576 Termination of Limitation. 12-14-05
PLUMERI, Thomas R., DO Blue Springs, MO #05-30783 Suspension Lifted. 07-22-05
PLUMERI, Thomas R., DO Blue Springs, MO #05-30783 Suspension. Monitoring. 04-23-05
RAJANNA, Krishna, MD Kansas City, MO #04-15624 Revocation. 06-14-05
RAJANNA, Krishna, MD Kansas City, MO #04-15624 Emergency Suspension. 03-25-05
RAJANNA, Krishna, MD Kansas City, MO #04-15624 Limitation, Fine. 02-14-05
RAMSEY, Tracy C., MD Wichita, Ks #04-26056 Censure. 04-25-05
ROBERTSON, Clinton S., RT Kansas City, KS #16-02483 Censure, Fine. 08-15-05
RODRIGUEZ, Paul L., MD Elk City, OK #04-14664 Limitation. 10-10-05
ROUNSBORG, Gerald W., MD North Platte, NE #04-20078 Revocation. 02-14-05
SABHARWAL, Paramjeet,MD Leawood, KS #04-30791 Termination of Limitation. 06-21-05
SHARP, Chad E., MD Augusta, KS #04-24831 Terminiation of Limitation. 10-17-05
SIMMONS, Michael R. ,MD Frontenac, KS #04-24193 Termination of Limitation. 06-27-05
SOLANO, Ambrosio A., MD Aurora, CO #04-31457 Temporary Permit Extended, Licensure Granted with Monitoring. 06-27-05
SOLANO, Ambrosio A., MD Aurora, CO #04-31457 Temporary Permit Granted with Monitoring. 05-05-05
STONEHOCKER, Lori L., DO Franklin, NE #0-25310 Revocation. 05-03-05
STORCK, Craig W., DC Olathe, KS #01-04208 30-day Suspension, Censure. 04-23-05
SUERO, Jesus T., MD Wichita, KS #04-17084 Censure. 12-13-05
SWEENEY, Cabot L., MD Overland Park, KS #04-21945 Education Completed. 02-14-05
TIGER, Sally R., RT Wichita, KS #16-01824 Censure, Fine. 04-25-05
TOTH, John R., MD Topeka, KS #04-18310 Censure, Limitation. 12-12-05
TOTH, John R., MD Topeka, KS #04-18310 Limitation. 06-27-05
TOTH, John R., MD Topeka, KS #04-18310 Suspension. 06-13-05
TOTH, John R., MD Topeka, KS #04-18310 Censure. 04-25-05
VANDER YACHT, James M., DC Salina, KS #01-03827 Censure. 03-21-05
VASUDEVAN, Gopi, MD Bartlesville, OK #04-22536 License Cancelled. 02-21-05
WADE, Edward J., MD Andover, KS #04-20102 Modification of Limitations. 06-29-05
WICKER, Nancy J., OT Lawrence, KS #17-00577 Censure, Fine. 04-25-05
WINGER, Raymond E., MD Meade, KS #04-17959 Modification or Termination of Limitations Denied. 12-14-05
YOUNG, Mark E., MD Camdenton, MO #04-22312 Suspension. 06-24-05
YOUNG, Mark E., MD Leawood, KS #04-22312 Suspension. 06-13-05
ZELLMER, Kari L., RT Hays, KS #16-02983 Consent Order Terminated. 02-27-05
ZHITLOVSKY, German, MD Lenexa, KS #04-25399 Revocation. 01-31-05