2002 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ALLEN, Robert Wayne, DC Shawnee Mission, KS #01-04369 District Court Consent Judgment. 08-09-02
BEECH, Randall R, MD Wichita, KS #04-19302 Petition Denied. 03-08-02
BLAHA, Julie L., RT Salina, KS #16-00292 Limitation 10-17-02
BORGENDALE, Llewellyn, MD Wamego, KS #04-12558 Termination of Limitations. Denied Amendment. 06-25-02
CARNAHAN, Robert L, MD Lawrence, KS #04-14700 Limitations. 06-05-02
CECENA, Felipe A., MD Shawnee Mission, KS #0227718 Temporary Permit Extended Until Permanent License Granted on 10-2-02 08-23-02
COOPER, Bari, RT Kansas City, MO #16-02264 Reinstatement. 08-26-02
CREEK, Alan D, DO Gardner, KS #05-18689 Limitation. 04-29-02
CUNNINGHAM, Dean S., MD Bluefield, WV   Application Withdrawn. 03-01-02
CURRY, Douglas, W., MD Wichita, KS #04-25069 Dr. Deceased - Case Closed 11-01-02
DANIELS, Herbert A, MD Kansas City, KS #04-21291 Revocation. 01-02-02
DAVE, Vijendra, MD Wichita, KS #04-28553 Termination of Limitation 12-18-02
DEWITT, Janella F. Olathe, KS #15-00665 Status Change. 08-27-02
EATON, James E, DC Wichita, KS #01-03093 Denial of Reinstatement 09-04-02
EDALATI, David D, MD Ottawa, KS #04-24423 Termination of Stipulation 10-15-02
EDALATI, David D, MD Shawnee, KS #04-24423 Deny Reconsideration. 08-28-02
EDALATI, David D, MD Shawnee, KS #04-24423 Termination of Limitations Denied. 06-07-02
ELASHKAR, Sam, DC Westwood, KS   Denial of Application. 12-17-02
FELTON, Michael E, DC Prairie Village, KS #01-04679 Fine. 08-26-02
FELTON, Michael E., DC Kansas City, MO #01-04679 Reinstatement. Fine 08-23-02
FORNELLI II, Tony J., DPM Wichita, KS #12-00279 Reinstatement 12-20-02
GARRETT, Brian P., MD Overland Park, KS   Application Withdrawn. 12-17-02
GROW, John R, MD Kiowa, KS #04-24807 Surrender. 12-14-02
GROW, John R, MD Kiowa, KS #04-24807 Continue Suspension. 06-17-02
GROW, John R, MD Kiowa, KS #04-24807 Indefinite Suspension. 04-15-02
HAGGLUND, Howard E, MD Norman, OK #04-20905 Censure, Fine. 01-15-02
HART, Dillis L, MD Boise City, OK #04-13671 Revocation. 12-14-02
HESTER, Jennifer Kristen, MD Loves Park, IL #04-28689 Retroactive Reinstatement. 06-05-02
HOLTFRERICH, Larry A, DC Overland Park, KS #01-04388 Fine. 03-07-02
IBARRA, Guillermo R., MD Leawood, KS #04-16249 Fine. 12-16-02
ISKANDER, Hany M, MD Proctorville, OH #04-28776 1 Year Suspension. 06-13-02
JANES, Donald R., MD Garnett, KS #04-12655 Inactive License Granted. 08-21-02
JEFFERIS, Kenneth R, MD Lee's Summit, MO #04-29843 Limitation. 08-30-02
JOERG, Brian S, DC Basehor, KS #01-04582 Revocation. 04-11-02
JOHNSON, Matthew S., MD Wichita, KS #04-21455 Censure. 10-17-02
KARST, Mary C., RT Newton, KS #16-00492 30-Day Suspension. 12-16-02
KAUL, Richard A, MD London, England   Denial of Application. 01-11-02
KISNER, Nancy L, RT Pratt, KS #16-01064 Suspension Terminated. 03-08-02
KOENEN-MYERS, Peter H., Los Angeles, CA   Withdrawal. 06-26-02
LAKNER, George Stephen, MD Washington, DC #04-26288 Suspension. 06-12-02
LEVAN, Michael G., RT Kansas City, MO #16-02903 License Granted. 12-26-02
LISKA, David L., DC Lyons, KS #01-04803 Waiver Granted. 08-23-02
LISTON, Michael J., MD Blue Springs, MO #04-24284 Monitoring, Licensure Approved. 03-08-02
LUM, Michael, DO Harbor City, CA #05-23288 Limitation. 04-10-02
MCGOWAN, Shawn A., PA Ellsworth, KS #15-00844 Temporary License Retroactively Extended 12-27-02
MCINTYRE, R F, MD Wichita, KS #04-29319 Stipulations/Limitations Terminated. 03-11-02
MEGAFFIN, Bernard B., MD Pratt, KS #04-17294 Revocation. 08-22-02
MOZAFFARI, Masoud, PTA Kansas City, KS   Denial of Certification. 04-11-02
MULLIES, David E, PA Lansing, KS #15-00409 Limitation. 02-25-02
NELSEN, John M., DC Goddard, KS #01-04394 Surrender. 12-19-02
O'DONNELL, Jarrod J., PTA Kansas City, KS #14-01117 Reinstatement Dismissed. 12-04-02
O'DONNELL, Jarrod J., PTA Kansas City, KS #14-01117 3-7-02 Final Order Vacated. 04-09-02
O'DONNELL, Jarrod J., PTA Kansas City, KS #14-01117 Suspension. 03-07-02
OTTO, David R, MD Lake View, KS #04-27576 Limitation. 06-01-02
OTTO, David R., MD Wichita, KS #04-27576 Censure. Limitations. 01-04-02
PADRON, Carmen, RT Emporia, KS #16-02433 Revocation. 01-15-02
PARMAR, Jagdish P, MD West Carrollton, OH #04-26731 Revocation. 03-08-02
PATTISON, Keith, DO Overland Park, KS #05-29950 License Granted. 10-21-02
PENN, Mark W., DC Topeka, KS #01-03846 Corporate Name Change Denied. 11-26-02
PIAZZA, Richard Samuel, DO Derby, KS #05-24102 Stipulations Terminated. 05-17-02
PRICHARD, Jules L., DO Tahlequah, OK #05-27828 Dismissal. 03-11-02
QUIJANO, Franklin R, MD Overland Park, KS #04-29040 Grant Retroactive Reinstatement. 12-18-02
RATTAY, Richard E., MD Emporia, KS #04-29593 License Approved. 03-08-02
REID, Robert W, MD Overland Park, KS #04-28041 Limitation. 03-11-02
RICKETSON, Robert, MD Prairie Village, KS   Grant Withdrawl of Application. 12-18-02
ROBERTSON, Amy S., PA Olathe, KS #15-00337 Grant Retroactive Reinstatement. 08-27-02
ROBINSON, Randolph C, MD Lone Tree, CO #04-24962 Censure, Fine. 02-25-02
ROLLAND, Steven B., DC Kansas City, KS #01-04827 Temporary Permit w/ Monitoring. 11-01-02
RUSNAK, Robert Francis, DC Topeka, KS #01-04412 Suspension; Limitation. 10-14-02
SAMSON, Florinio S., MD Tuscaloosa, AL #04-21506 Termination of Stipulation. 10-18-02
SCHLOSSMAN, David C., DC Overland Park, KS #01-04344 Revocation. 03-01-02
SCHLOSSMAN, David C, DC Overland Park, KS #01-04344 Revocation. 01-11-02
SCHROLL, John T., MD Overland Park, KS #04-17350 Limitation, Fine. 08-22-02
SILWANCE, Wagih B., MD Leawood, KS #04-16668 Suspension Completed. Fine Paid. 09-16-02
SILWANCE, Wagih B., MD Leawood, KS #04-16668 60 Day Suspension. 06-15-02
SIMMONS, Michael R., MD Frontenac, KS #04-24193 Request for Modifications Denied. 11-01-02
SIMMONS, Michael R, MD Frontenac, KS #04-24193 Suspension, Censure, Fine, Costs, Education, Monitoring. 06-04-02
STAFFORD, Robert W., MD Hutchinson, KS #04-15788 Modification of Limitations. 02-26-02
STERNBERG, David E., MD Leawood, KS #04-22290 Grant Withdrawal of Application. 03-07-02
SWANSON, Eric, MD Leawood, KS #04-23027 Censure. 03-08-02
STEVENS, Mildred I J, MD Garnett, KS #04-09397 Denial of Reinstatement. 01-03-02
TEJANO, Neonilo, MD Newton, KS #04-15674 Exempt License Granted. 10-18-02
TRUONG, Angie T., PT Merriam, KS #11-02945 Retroactive Reinstatement. 04-11-02
WINGER, Raymond E., MD Wichita, KS #04-17959 Deny Status Change. 11-01-02
ZANIAL, Suhaib Adil, MD Brooklyn, NY   Application Withdrawn. 12-18-02