2007 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ALBERS, Mark, D.C. Andover, KS #01-03881 Limitation. 08-20-07
ARTHUR, Dennis B., P.T. Merriam, KS #11-00768 Censure. 10-24-07
AUSTIN, Mark, R.T. Gower, MO #16-03153 Reinstated. 10-09-07
BAKER, Daniel Robert, MD Wichita, KS #04-32536 Monitoring 08-20-07
BARKER, Elizabeth B, MD   #04-13448 Monitoring Terminated. 10-24-07
BAUCOM, Karan Y., M.D. Overland Park, KS #04-17778 Censure; Fine. 04-23-07
BECKLEY, David Clark, DC   #01-05177 Licensure by Endorsement. 12-13-07
BEEM, Lawrence Devere, DC   #01-05178 Licensure by Endorsement. 12-13-07
BICKELHAUPT, Ethan, M.D. Topeka, KS #04-18225 Suspension. 09-21-07
BIGLER, Jonathan Allan, PA   #15-01237 Temporary License Extended 06-12-07
BIRCH, James Theodore, Jr, MD   #04-32538 Monitoring 06-11-07
BLACK, James A., D.O. Hays, KS #05-24331 Limitation; Censure. 04-23-07
BOWERS, John, D.C. Wichita, KS #01-03858 Fine. 10-22-07
BROCKENBROUGH, James, M.D. Kansas City, MO #T-01098 Limitation. 02-16-07
BRYAN, Jerry L., D.C. Ness City, KS #01-03252 Fine. 10-17-07
CHAPMAN, Debra, R.T. Westwood, KS #16-02777 Reinstatement. 10-10-07
COLYER, Donn C., D.O. Pittsburg, KS #05-21234 Limitation; Costs. 10-12-07
CRISTIANO, Peter J., M.D. Leavenworth, KS #04-21118 Fine. 08-20-07
DAVE, Vijendra, M.D. Wichita, KS #04-28553 Suspension Continued 10-30-07
DAVE, Vijendra, M.D. Wichita, KS #04-28553 Suspension; Limitation. 01-12-07
DEPAOLIS, Dion C., M.D. Kansas City, MO #04-29014 Certification Cancelled. 12-06-07
DONNENWERTH, Steven R., MD   #04-32339 Monitoring Requirements. 02-12-07
DORFNER, Walter, R.T. Cimmaron, KS #16-02932 Suspension. 10-25-07
EDWARDS, Sandra J., M.D. Leawood, KS #04-22912 Termination of Suspension. 02-12-07
EGELHOF, Richard H., M.D. Wichita, KS #04-15947 Suspension Temporary - 12/19/07 thru 1/2/08; Costs. 12-10-07
EKER, Joseph P., M.D. Lenexa, KS #04-20432 Re-entry Plan. 08-23-07
ELLIS, Howard D., M.D. Overland Park, KS #04-19055 Censure; Fine. 06-11-07
ESTRELLADO, Wendy Lyn, MD   #04-32820 Licensure by Endorsement. 10-24-07
FARR, Bradley, D.C. Horton, KS #01-03839 Retroactively Reinstated; Fine. 12-13-07
FISHBACK, James L., MD   #04-20704 Approve CE Credits 12-13-07
FRIED, John S., M.D. Leawood, KS #04-18381 Retroactively Reinstated 12-21-07
FRIED, John S., M.D. Leawood, KS #04-18381 Cancelled. 12-06-07
GARRETT, Grady, L.R.T. Colby, KS #22-02247 Fine. 04-23-07
GATSCHET, Timothy, M.D. Victoria, KS #04-21741 Censure. 08-27-07
GIFFORD, Dana Sue, P.T.A. Topeka, KS #14-01066 Emergency Order of Suspension 09-27-07
GIFFORD, Dana Sue, P.T.A. Topeka, KS #14-01066 Censure; Suspension Continued; Limitation 12-10-07
GILKEY-STUMPFF, Stephanie, D.C. Holton, KS #01-04759 Fine. 04-23-07
GILL, Jacob D., D.C. Hutchinson, KS #01-04697 Fine. 06-11-07
GILLUM, Michelle J., PT Wichita, KS #11-01094 Monitoring 02-12-07
GONZALEZ, Iris, M.D. Topeka, KS #04-27034 Termination of Limitation. 12-13-07
GRANT, Brydon John Bruce, MD   #04-32457 Licensure by Endorsement 04-27-07
GREINER, William S., M.D. Atchison, KS #04-31408 Fine. 03-28-07
GROSDIDIER, Carrie, O.T. Olathe, KS #17-00826 Fine. 02-12-07
HAMBURG, Steven M., D.C. Olathe, KS #01-05138 Limitations. 06-29-07
HANDSFIELD, Rodney S., M.D. Wichita, KS #04-30440 Requirements Terminated 12-17-07
HANDSFIELD, Rodney S., M.D. Wichita, KS #04-30440 Fine. 02-16-07
HICKS, Linda S., O.T. Topeka, KS #17-02112 Cancelled. 11-07-07
HILDYARD, Victor H., II., M.D. Colby, KS #04-15836 Limitation. 04-23-07
HOFFMAN, Kent J., P.A. Wichita, KS #15-01028 Fine. 12-04-07
HOLBROOK, C.R., MD Overland Park, KS #04-29380 Fine. 11-26-07
HOLLOWAY, Robert F., MD   #04-32432 Licensure Granted with Requirements and Monitoring. 04-23-07
HURLEY, Martha, M.D. Lenexa, KS #04-19665 Censure; Fine; Costs. 12-13-07
JAMES, Thomas L. II., L.R.T. Goddard, KS #22-01333 Fine. 04-23-07
JONES, Jerald R., Jr., P.A. Wichita, KS #15-00303 Termination of Limitation. 06-14-07
JONES, Jerald R., Jr., P.A. Wichita, KS #15-00303 Limitation 02-12-07
KAKULAVARAM, Nalini, M.D. Coffeyville, KS #04-24811 Surrender. 10-15-07
KEMP, David B., M.D. Emporia, KS #04-29504 Termination of Limitation. 11-13-07
KEMP, David B., M.D. Emporia, KS #04-29504 Modification of Limitation. 05-14-07
LACEY, Kellie, P.T.A. Waverly, KS #14-01693 Fine. 10-17-07
LADNER, Virginia G., R.T. Wamego, KS #16-00505 Cancelled. 10-12-07
LANIGAN, Michael, P.T.A. Parsons, KS #14-00898 Limitation. 02-12-07
LESTER, John B., M.D. Kansas City, MO #04-14727 Reinstatement Request Denied. 10-30-07
LISTON, Michael J., M.D. Blue Springs, MO #04-24284 Fine. 04-23-07
LISTON, Michael J., MD Blue Springs, MO #04-24284 Monitoring Terminated. 04-23-07
LOGAN, Candy, R.T. Carthage, MO #16-03175 Certification Cancelled. 09-17-07
LOGAN, Daniel P., M.D. Gainesville, FL #04-27332 Termination of Limitation. 04-24-07
LUNDEEN, Heidi A., MD Norcross, GA #04-30491 Fine paid. 02-13-07
MAHAN, Sheri, O.T. Manhattan, KS #17-00667 Fine. 11-29-07
MARTIN, Michael Edward, DC Topeka, KS #01-04233 Request to Terminate Consent Order Denied. 09-13-07
MCMAHAN, Shelly A., O.T. Overland Park, KS #17-00211 Fine. 06-11-07
MEANS, Mila, M.D. Valley Center, KS #04-20313 Limitation. 04-23-07
MELNICZEK, David Myatt, MD Pine Grove, CA #04-32480 Monitoring 04-23-07
RANAWEERA, Priyantha Saman, MD Manhattan, KS #04-32628 Licensure by Endorsement 08-27-07
REID, Herbert J., P.T.A. Olathe, KS #14-04162 Cancelled. 09-11-07
REPERTINGER, Susan K., M.D. Council Bluffs, IA #T-01112 Limitation. 02-12-07
ROLLAND, Steven B., D.C. Kansas City, KS #01-04827 Reinstatement Denied. 06-28-07
RUSANOWSKY, Alexander Paul, DPM Wichita, KS #12-00341 Monitoring. 12-10-07
SCHROEDER, Christopher David, DC Hutchinson, KS #01-04953 Limitation; Censure. 10-01-07
SEARLE, Owen H., R.T. Clear Lake, IA #16-03027 Revoked. 04-12-07
SHARP, Chad E., M.D. Augusta, KS #04-24831 Termination of Limitation. 12-12-07
SIEFERS, Julie P.A. Norton, KS #15-00551 Censure; Fine. 06-11-07
SIMPSON, Brian Scott, P.A. Overland Park, KS #11-03780 Monitoring. Limitations.. 12-10-07
SOWDEN, Lindsay K., O.T. Prairie Village, KS #17-02256 Fine. 02-12-07
SROUFE, Jeffrey E., R.T. Wichita, KS #16-00665 Suspension. 12-12-07
STEVENS, William M., M.D. Lawrenceville, GA #04-20592 Revocation. 11-07-07
STUCKEY, Charles E., MD Overland Park, KS #04-18958 Fine paid. Requirements of consent order completed. 02-26-07
SWANWICK, Terrie L., L.R.T. Chetopa, KS #22-02530 Fine. 06-13-07
THOMAS, Rickard James, DC Overland Park, KS #01-05179 Licensure by Endorsement. 12-12-07
TOLENTINO, Elias C., O.T.A. Manhattan, KS #18-00373 Fine; Retroactively Reinstated. 12-13-07
TWICHELL, Arthur, R.T. Topeka, KS #16-00969 Revocation. 05-14-07
VANG, Peter Shane, PA Wichita, KS #T-00858 Extended Temporary License. 10-23-07
WADE, Kim C., M.D. Raytown, MO #04-26959 Surrender. 06-29-07
WHITE, Connie R., P.A. Wichita, KS #15-00384 Censure. 08-20-07
WHITESIDE, William H., M.D. Wichita, KS #04-20629 Termination of Limitation. 08-27-07
WHITSON, Dennis L., P.T. Olathe, KS #11-02234 Revocation. 10-30-07
WHITSON, Dennis L., P.T. Olathe, KS #11-02234 Suspension. 04-03-07
WILBECK, Tony A., D.C. Hutchinson, KS #01-03716 Censure; Fine. 02-12-07
WILLS, Matthew John., M.D. Topeka, KS #04-32855 Limitation. 10-22-07
ZEB, Jahan, MD Poplar Bluff, MO #04-32937 License Granted by Endorsement. 12-13-07
ZHITLOVSKY, German, M.D. Lenexa, KS #04-25399 Reinstatement Denied. 10-24-07
ZHITLOVSKY, German, MD Lenexa, KS #04-25399 Allow Application for Reinstatement. 07-10-07
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Suspension Lifted 10-24-07
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Suspension 02-12-07