2006 Board Actions

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ABDALAH, Ehab Farouk, MD   #04-31979 Licensure by Endorsement 06-12-06
ALBARRACIN, Alan G., M.D. Wichita, KS #04-19278 Fine 08-14-06
ALBERT, Steven E., DO Ft. Riley, KS #05-24773 Censure; Fine 11-07-06
ARTHUR, Dennis B., PT Merriam, KS #11-00768 Modification of Limitations 06-12-06
BATTMER, Robert, MD Prairie Village, KS #04-16705 Suspension - Temporary Febrary 5 thru 9, 2007; Limitations 12-19-06
BEAULIEU, Joseph D., DC Overland Park , KS #01-03604 Censure; Fine 04-10-06
BERGMAN, Shawn J., DC Wichita, KS #01-05016 Suspension 11-27-06
BINKLEY, Sean M., DC Hiawatha, KS #01-04756 Fine 10-23-06
BOCKHAUS, Terri, M., PTA Newton, KS #14-01480 Censure; Fine 06-12-06
BORRA, Henry Michael, MD Silver City, NM #04-24115 Monitoring Terminated. 02-24-06
BRAVERMAN, David E., MD Overland Park, KS #04-17188 Modification of Limitations 07-11-06
BRAVERMAN, David E.,MD Overland Park, KS #04-17188 Limitation; Censure; Costs 02-15-06
CEDENO, Philip A ., MD Pittsburg, KS #04-21713 Fine 04-10-06
CHRONISTER, Bert, MD Neodesha, KS #04-13253 Education. 08-15-06
CIBIS, Gerhard W., MD Kansas City, MO #04-17205 Continuing Education 02-27-06
CONIGLIARO, Joseph R., DC Overland Park, KS #01-04718 Fine 12-14-06
CRAMER, Vincent L., RT Wichita, KS #16-03195 Terminate Requirements. 08-21-06
CRONISTER, Virginia M., RT   #16-03312 Grant Waiver and Licensure 05-22-06
DASKALOV, Zhivko, MD Mission, KS #04-25094 Revocation 07-10-06
DAVIS, Brandon L., MD Kansas City, KS #94-06246 Censure 02-16-06
DENTON, Jenni A., O.T.A. Olathe, KS #18-00577 Limitation. Monitoring. 02-16-06
DORFNER, Walter R., RT Garden City, KS #16-02932 Fine 03-13-06
EMMS, Charles Edward, DC   #01-05045 Monitoring. 06-12-06
ENEBELI, Chuka Godwin, MD     Conditional Temporary Permit Granted. 08-26-06
FISCHER, Kenneth A., MD Manhattan, KS #04-28013 Censure; Fine 10-23-06
FRANCE, Ratchnee, MD   #12-00356 Licensure by Endorsement 02-24-06
GAZAROV, Aleksandr G., MD   #04-31791 Waiver Granted. 02-24-06
GONZALEZ, Iris P., MD Topeka, KS #04-27034 Modification of Prior Order 10-09-06
GONZALEZ, Iris P., MD Topeka, KS #04-27034 Limitation. 09-06-06
GONZALEZ, Iris P., MD Topeka, KS #04-27034 Censure 04-10-06
GREENE, James J.,DC Garden City, KS #01-04066 Fine 02-15-06
GRILLO, Isaac A., MD Lansing, KS #04-28764 Revocation 12-15-06
HAGEMANN, Carrie Ann, DO Osage City, KS #05-32170 Monitoring. 08-14-06
HANSON, Ernest J., MD Leawood, KS #04-16128 Censure, Fine 06-22-06
HARRIS, William Duane, PA Meade, KS #15-00138 Limitation 09-06-06
HARRIS, William Duane, PA Meade, KS #15-00138 Censure; Limitations 02-16-06
HASTINGS, Charles W., MD Lawrence, KS #04-31114 Termination of Limitations 06-20-06
HAWKINS, Sherman D, RT Wichita, KS #16-00441 Limitations Terminated. 08-21-06
HECKES, Travis D., DC   #01-04921 Terminate Requirements 10-23-06
HEDGE, William, RT Belleville, KS #16-03033 Revocation 10-24-06
HILDYARD, Victor H., II., M.D. Colby, KS #04-15836 Court Order 11-28-06
HILDYARD, Victor H., II., M.D. Colby, KS #04-15836 Revocation 08-14-06
HILDYARD, Victor H., II., M.D. Colby, KS #04-15836 Initial Order 01-30-06
HILST, Wibur D., MD Wewokal, OK #04-12627 Revocation 01-20-06
JAFRI, Syed F., M.D. Kansas City, MO #04-28324 Censure, Fine 08-15-06
JAHANIAN, Daryoush, MD Kansas City , KS #04-15597 Fine 02-13-06
KANT, Andee R., P.T. Tonganoxie, KS #11-03191 Fine 08-15-06
KAUFFMAN, Christopher P., DC Lawrence, KS #01-04075 Audits Terminated. 05-04-06
KEMP, David B. , MD Emporia, KS #04-29504 Censure 09-06-06
KEMP, David B. , MD Emporia, KS #04-29504 Suspension 03-13-06
KING, John M., MD   #04-31900 Licensure by Endorsement 05-22-06
KIRSCH, Mark A., MD Wichita, KS #04-20926 Limitation 02-16-06
KOMAREK, Andrea E., PA   #15-00982 Monitoring. 06-12-06
LADD, Ella, DC Overland Park, KS #01-04202 Terminations of Limitations 12-08-06
LOGAN, Daniel P., MD Overland Park, KS #04-27332 Modification of Limitations 01-05-06
LU, Leo, MD   #04-31909 Waiver Granted. 05-22-06
LUNDEEN, Heidi A., MD Norcross, GA #04-30491 Fine 10-24-06
MCELHINNEY, Charles F., MD Dodge City, KS #04-12937 Fine 10-23-06
MCGINLEY, Bryan, R.T. Kearney, MO #16-01077 Revocation 10-23-06
MCNAUGHT, Danielle R., RT Neodesha, KS #16-03095 Censure, Fine 04-10-06
MOHLER, Juli, DC Emporia, KS #01-03903 Fine 10-21-06
NEMECHEK, Victor M., MD Quinter, KS #04-21357 Censure 02-24-06
O'KEEFE, Catherine M., DO Leawood, KS #05-19923 Consent Order. 04-10-06
PARKS, Gilbert R., MD Topeka, KS #04-16162 Censure, Fine 12-11-06
PEREZ-TAMAYO, Claudia, MD Salina, KS #04-22993 Fine 10-23-06
PROHASKA, Sharon E., MD Overland Park , KS #04-18753 Limitation 02-24-06
RILEY, Michael D., DC Emporia, KS #01-04728 Fine 12-15-06
SAMPAT, Pravin G., MD Topeka, KS #04-18013 Fine 02-15-06
SHARP, Chad E., MD Augusta, KS #04-24831 Limitation, Fine 10-23-06
SMITH, Sahbrennah W., MD Leavenworth, KS #04-27500 Fine 05-01-06
STERNBERG, David E. Leawood, KS #04-22290 Reinstatement to Inactive Status 06-20-06
STUCKEY, Charles E., MD Overland Park, KS #04-18958 Censure, Fine 12-05-06
TIMSON, Trent J., DPM McPherson, KS #12-00301 Suspension 12-04-06
VAL-MEJIAS, Jesus E., MD   #04-20814 Education 06-12-06
WEAVER, Thomas C., DC Parsons, KS #01-04717 Censure; Limitation; Fine 10-21-06
WHITESIDE, William H., MD Wichita, KS #04-20629 Censure; Limitations 02-22-06
WILLIAMS, Kathleen, MD Independence, KS #04-28411 Suspension 12-04-06
WILSON, Christopher E., MD Shawnee Mission , KS #04-29947 Termination of Suspension 08-12-06
WILSON, Christopher E., MD Shawnee Mission , KS #04-29947 Emergency Order-Suspension 02-13-06
WOOSLEY-DAVIS, Deborah, MD Kansas City, MO #04-28412 Fine 12-05-06
ZAFER, Wasse Olathe, KS #01-04097 Fine 08-14-06
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Suspension. 12-14-06
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Emergency Suspension. 06-10-06
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Reconsideration Denied. 04-20-06
ZOELLER, Ronald J. D.C. Topeka, KS #01-03285 Censure Rescinded, Conditions. 02-22-06