1989 Board Actions

NOTE: For actions occurring before 1990, there may be incomplete information posted on our website as these years are still under construction. If you are searching for a specific Board action which does not appear in this section, please make your request by email to KSBHA_openrecords@ks.gov, or by fax at (785) 368-7102, or by U.S. mail at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, 800 SW Jackson, Lower Level- Suite A, Topeka, KS 66612. Additionally, the actions posted on the website are only provided for general information purposes and the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts does not warrant the completeness or accuracy. An independent verification of the posted information should be performed if needed for official use.

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
ABRAHAM, Francis, DPM Wichita, KS #12-00085 Limitation, Monitoring, Education 02-11-89
ALBARRACIN, Alan G., MD Wichita, KS #04-19278 Education. Limitation. 01-20-89
BEVERLY, Carolyn L., MD   #04-20845 Conditions. 08-14-89
BHOPALE, Vishwas, MD     Denial 10-18-89
BILANG, Bernardo G., MD Largo, FL #04-22595 Supervision, Monitoring, Conditions. 06-08-89
CHAN, Ping Kwong, MD Ellisville, MO   Denial 02-15-89
CHIN, Frank T. W., MD West Monroe, LA   Denial 04-26-89
CHUBB, Richard M., MD Pittsburg, KS #04-12376 Monitoring 08-09-89
CONOVER, Margaret A., MD Overland Park, KS #04-22610 License Granted 01-18-89
CORDER, Stephen S., MD   #04-18093 Emergency Suspension of License. 03-13-89
EBY, Tammy L., PA Merriam, KS #15-00300 2nd Temporary Permit Denied. 06-02-89
FARRELL, Edwin Gayle, MD     License Denied. 12-20-89
FORSHEE, Gary K, DC   #01-03208 Reinstatement. 12-01-89
FORSYTHE, John Thomas, ND     Denial 12-15-89
FRANCIS, Anthony E., MD   #04-17828 Limitations. 05-08-89
FRIED, John S., MD Leawood, KS #04-18381 Reinstatement 10-23-89
GLEASON, Vinson W, DO Scottsdale, AZ #05-12049 License Surrendered. 06-16-89
HALLGRIMSON, Paul J., MD   #04-13344 Limitations 06-16-89
HARVEY, Thomas S., MD   #04-16486 Stipulations. 02-11-89
JAMES, Donald L., MD Wichita, KS #04-15138 Retroactive Reinstatement. Fine. 10-23-89
JESTER, Shelby L., MD   #04-17594 Retroactive Reinstatement. 10-23-89
JONES, Jerald R., Jr., PA Wichita, KS #15-00303 2nd Temporary Permit Denied. 06-02-89
LOMBILLO, Jose R., MD Naples, FL #04-14171 Reinstatement Denied. 11-01-89
MARTIN, Janet M., RT El Dorado, KS #16-01086 Retroactive Reinstatement. 12-12-89
NUNEZ, Julian, MD Kansas City, KS #04-15668 Monitoring, Education, Stipulations. 10-14-89
PIEBENGA, Larry William, MD Kansas City, MO #04-17331 Retroactive Reinstatement. Fine. 10-23-89
PURVIS, Frank D., MD Fort Pierre, SD #04-20777 License Reinstated. 07-13-89
ROBB, John B., MD Scotland Ab355yf #04-18015 Retroactive Reinstatement. Fine. 10-23-89
ROBERTS, Scott W., MD Plano, TX #04-22074 Grant Retroactive Reinstatement. 10-02-89
ROWLETT, Jack G., MD Paola, KS #04-10299 Limitations and Conditions. 07-17-89
RYMER, Robert A., MD Shawnee Mission, KS #04-18659 Retroactive Reinstatement. 10-23-89
SALRIN, Michael E, DO Earlsboro, OK #05-18532 Enforcement Order. 02-15-89
SALRIN, Michael E, DO Earlsboro, OK #05-18532 Stipulation. 02-01-89
SAPPERSTEIN, David, DPM Overland Park, KS #12-00174 Limitations. Conditions. Education. 11-30-89
SAPPERSTEIN, David, DPM Overland Park, KS #12-00174 Emergency Limitations Recinded. 10-16-89
SCHNELL, Douglas L, DC Independence, MO   Application Denied. 11-17-89
SCOBEE, William P., DC Wichita, KS #01-03823 Retroactive Reinstatement of License. 02-11-89
STRANGE, Robert J., MD Manhattan, KS #04-22293 License Cancelled For Nonrenewal. 08-15-89
WOLFE, Alvin E., DO Wichita, KS #05-13709 Stipulation and Enforcement Order. 05-12-89
WOLFE, Alvin E., DO Wichita, KS #05-13709 Education. Monitoring. 05-09-89