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NOTE: For actions occurring before 1990, there may be incomplete information posted on our website as these years are still under construction. If you are searching for a specific Board action which does not appear in this section, please make your request by email to, or by fax at (785) 368-7102, or by U.S. mail at Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, 800 SW Jackson, Lower Level- Suite A, Topeka, KS 66612. Additionally, the actions posted on the website are only provided for general information purposes and the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts does not warrant the completeness or accuracy. An independent verification of the posted information should be performed if needed for official use.

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Registrant Name
Location License/
Reg. #
of Action
Action Date
YABUT, Allan Roy S., OT Omaha, NE #9724302 Second Temp Registration Granted. 07-02-97
YACOUB, Robert Louis, MD Pasadena, CA   Application Withdrawn. 12-15-99
YAKLE, Mary Beth, OT Overland Park, KS #17-01395 Fine Paid. 09-02-09
YAROSHENKO, Marina V., MD Boston, MA #04-27517 Waiver Granted. 02-25-98
YOO, Kimberley R. [DC] Kansas City, MO 01-05265 Final Order 02-15-2023
YOO, Kimberley R. [DC] Overland Park, KS 01-05265 Journal Entry Granting Motion to Amend Final Order and Amending Final Order 05-13-2024
YOUNG, Christopher J., MD Henley, NSW #04-44543 Journal Entry Reflecting Licensure by Endorsement 04-12-21
YOUNG, Edward W., RT Topeka, KS #16-02101 Application Approved. 07-14-97
YOUNG, Jonathan R., PT Wichita, KS #11-04016 Journal Entry of Satisfaction 11-19-19
YOUNG, Jonathan R., PT Wichita, KS #11-04016 Public Censure and Education 02-14-19
YOUNG, Kim, DO Edmonton, OK #05-40733 Fine 09-06-19
YOUNG, Mark E., MD Camdenton, MO #04-22312 Suspension 06-24-05
YOUNG, Mark E., MD Leawood, KS #04-22312 Suspension 06-13-05
YOUNG, Ronald L, DC Salina, KS #01-03672 Requirements Met. Probation Retroactively Terminated. 04-20-10
YOUNG, Ronald L, DC Salina, KS #01-03672 1 Yr Probation and Education 04-21-09
YOUNGLOVE, R. Hal, MD Overland Park, KS #04-17962 Censure, Limitation 10-12-15
YOUNGLOVE, R. Hal, MD Lenexa, KS #04-17962 Stipulation Rescinded. 02-18-88
YOUNGLOVE, R. Hal, MD Lenexa, KS #04-17962 Stipulations, Education. Monitoring. 10-26-85
YOURDON, Christiane J., PA Bel Aire, KS #15-01051 Fine. 06-12-08